Happy Birthday to ME (And, 75% OFF FOR YOU!)!

Hello Dearies!

How is your summer going? I cannot believe that this summer is flying by so fast around here! The fun part is that this is the time of year that I have been so eagerly awaiting.

We kicked off the New Year with awesome news that we had a new GRANDbaby on the way. In just a few short weeks my sweet Elisabeth will be giving birth to her first baby. Can we say “WOOoohooooo!” to that?

I was just planning with her and noticed just how fast this summer is going by. It is ALMOST time for the sweet GRAND to arrive! AND I almost forgot that it is time for our big annual sale. :)


Remember last year as we counted down for my birthday we had my craziest sale EVER? Well, this year, we are doing it again. Here is how it works:

Just use my birthday code for this year:


in ANY of my shopping carts for ANY of your purchases ( except for my Talk-a-Latte Mommy Club and Marriage 911 subscriptions–those are already crazy prices all of the time) and save 75% off all of your purchases!

Yes! That is a an awesome savings on all of my products! If you have had any of them on your wish list, it is time to STOCK UP!!

Here are the links to each of my shopping carts:

My Books, Best-Selling Audio Sets, and Bundles:

My Talk-a-Latte Seminars, Mommy Club Past Sets, and Audio Mp3s:

My Biz Mentor Personal Study Sets to Help You Build Your Business:

Just choose the items that you want and enter the coupon code:


You will save 75% OFF everything that you order–even the items that are already on sale there on the sites. Crazy? Well, it is MY birthday and I can be crazy if I wanta…. ha!

Ready to stock up? Let’s do it!

Oh! Offer ends July 22nd at Midnight Central time (When my birthday ends!) :)

Have fun!!

With much love,

PS! I mentioned that this sale does NOT include my Talk-a-Latte Mommy Club, BUT you may want to subscribe to our Mommy Club this month. Our set this month is one of my most favorite ever! It is on the topic: What to Do When Life Throws You a Curveball. Subscribe today for only $12.95–you will get this set AND next month’s set. Learn more about the Mommy Club here:


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  1. What a SWEET deal! Thank you so much! I finally ordered the ONE thing I really wanted (that I hadn’t already ordered!) I just love your deals – and LOVE your packages. You always hit my heart where God is working. Thank you so much for your sweet ministry!!!

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